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Let our Experts Make an Appraisal of Your Website

 Are you considering buying a current enterprise, or possibly selling your own?

Do you understand the fee of the maximum essential asset of an on-line commercial enterprise - the internet site itself?

You will feel more secure in negotiating if you get a professional website appraisal from Websites unlimited. You have our guarantee that all materials, including site performance and financial information, and the appraisal itself, are held in the strictest confidence (see our policy).

       Get an appraisal today if you intend to buy an existing site or sell yours.        

You need a website appraisal if


·       You intend to sell your business

·       You intend to buy an existing business

·       You need to prove to the government that you own an asset

·       You want to make sure your business is fully insured

·       You are looking for investors in your business

·       You are seeking additional capital for your business from banking institutions


·       You need to depreciate your website asset over time.


What is a website appraisal?


You may not have thought about it, but your website is an asset (ask your accountant - he or she will probably refer to it as an "intangible asset"). Since it is an asset, it can be assigned a valuation. We do the legwork needed to ensure an objective assessment of the value of your website.

 Get a full detailled report with Websites Unlimited Appraisal Services.

Our website appraisal is comprehensive - the report typically runs about 25 pages in length. Some of the elements we examine are:

·       The usability of your site (we use three competitor sites that you name as a comparison)

·       The e-business sophistication of the site and the organization behind it

·       The cost of creating the site, using standard rates for html and program coding, as well as graphics

·       The brand value (what is sometimes referred to as the "goodwill") of the site

·       The current subscriber base (trend information)

·       The unique visitors to the site (trend information)

·       The value of your domain name.


The appraisal is presented to you in the form of an Adobe pdf file in your Web Success Center on our website. The professional format, and close attention paid to every element on your site (both the public website and any administrative pages you may have), will give you the backing you need as you proceed with selling your site (or negotiations to purchase a site).



Although we do not provide samples of the appraisal report, we would be glad to go over the contents with you. Contact us and we will mail you a table of contents, or call at (250) 816-3614


Website usability plays an essential role in any business web site that gets results:


·       Usable navigation makes sure visitors find what they need on the site.

·       Usable forms are filled out, resulting in more leads.

·       Usable shopping carts are finished, not abandoned.

·       And there are best practices in Internet business which, if applied to a web site, can greatly improve the chances that visitors will become customers.


Our Website Appraisal Will Consider this;

Pre-sales analysis

(I’ll look at a potential customer site and provide you with a list of usability problems and missed - or mishandled - sales conversion opportunities, arming you with objective suggestions to take with you to the client.)

Design Phase Analysis

(I’ll look at a current customer site, and provide you with a list of the worst usability problems and missed opportunities, to help guide your efforts in creating a new site.)

Proposed Site Analysis

(I can perform a similar check on a proposed or wireframe design, auditing the work of your designers, checking for usability flaws and making sure that the site you design for customers meets the hundreds of known standards on the web before you show it to the client.)

Final Inspection

Get an objective, expert second opinion on the site before you show it to the client.

I also do competitive site analysis and website appraisals.




Get your website appraisal now

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Publicity by Adpathway

Publicity by Adpathway

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